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According to dominant cultural representations masculinity in heterosexual relationships is sense by mens dominance aggression sexual promiscuousness and emotional unavailability Yet the desirable room of doing maleness is context-particular and middle-classify work force face increasing expectations that they wage in egalitarian relationships games shooter flash In this contemplate I use indium -depth interviews with thirty-one college-educated heterosexual men to examine how they construct their maleness under ever-changing social conditions My findings usher that men employ egalitarian narratives arsenic A spring of identity work in which they construct understandings of themselves arsenic progressive caring and reverent of women indium contrast to the legal age of men whom they ascribe with stereotypical male person traits However these egalitarian narratives suffice arsenic a shield allowing men to dismiss inequalities that emerge In their romantic relationships as the result of individual preferences so that gendered outcomes are allowed to go unquestioned thereby leaving gender inequalities intact

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28. Lila Leibowitz, "Perspectives along games shooter flash the Evolution of Sex Differences," atomic number 49 Reiter, Toward AN Anthropology of Women; Leibowitz, Females, Males, Families.

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